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Locations in Ionian Sea

The Greek shores, decorated with paths between mountain slopes, sandy beaches and porous rocks. With shipwrecks at the bottom and in the foam of their deep blue sea. With corals and sea creatures in a world in which everything is possible. Open to islands and lighthouses where the echo of the journey creates a famous fairy tale. Lace made of stone, soil and salt water. Under the eternal Greek sun of legends and travels. An ideal cinematic scene of inspiration and freedom. Mediterranean, Ionian Sea and Aegean. Small and large seas decorated with earthly beauty and grace. An endless natural canvas where people's images, sounds, senses and stories are born, occur and perpetuate in the simplest way: in an ideal and immortal landscape that nourishes and feeds on life.

The Greek coastline does not belong to any period of time. It is the timeless material of joy and artistic creation that Nature gave to man as a gift.